#004 - What Makes Bootleg Remixes Go Viral? w/ Star One

Nov 14, 2019, 07:00 AM

Debut podcast interview with producer duo Star One; who recently created the music for the IKEA Christmas advert & released viral garage remixes of the biggest UK rap hits.

Raise your hand if you've ever remixed a track and uploaded it to Instagram with a static picture and the audio playing in the background? No shame in being honest! This podcast episode is DEFINITELY going to be for you!

I want you to meet Star One, a producer duo from London who recently dropped a whole season of bootleg garage, dance and grime remixes of UK rap and R&B songs.

After going quote unquote "viral" on Instagram and Soundcloud and setting up download gates for the fans; it's been mind blowing to watch the boys be hit up by record labels for official remixes. Next they segued into dropping a major hype around their own original music and most recently made the beat in the IKEA Christmas advert with D Double.

Excited to bring you today's episode as we talk about killer strategies for IGTV, the importance of hashtag research, tips for content creation in the recording process and ideas for Christmas beat advent calendars!

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