Sen Warren confused about Medicare for all; with Richard Epstein

Nov 14, 2019, 04:52 AM
Image:  Mandrake (written 'ΜΑΝΔΡΑΓΟΡΑ' in Greek capitals). Naples Dioscurides, 7th century.  Public domain. 
Richard Epstein, Chicago Law, New York Law, Hoover Institution, lays bare the realities of  Medicare fraud.  The classical liberal and the libertarian. Taxation, commerce, and liberty & property: a huge transformation [in the 1930s].

Sen Warren has put forth a Medicare for all proposal:  first, the power of the government, considering classical liberal jurisprudence; and second, how to pay for it.  Can the federal government dragoon all state taxes for [healthcare]?. . .  She’ll argue that it’s a giant form of regulation, and thus is Constitutional. “We’ll take a package of benefits you want and give you a package of benefits you don’t want.”  No compensation for the loss, thus possibly takings that are not legal.

The classical view was that states were co-equal with the federal government and neither could tax the other’s jurisdiction.  Garcia vs San Antonio, New Deal:  you cannot run your own government if someone can tell you what to pay people. Now, it takes all state money, and in exchange you get federal protection. The question of dual jurisdictions.