Thomas Kierok (in English) - Photographer

Nov 16, 2019, 03:06 PM

“We are sharing a time together, and I think photography creates something between people.”

Thomas is a freelance photographer in Berlin. While he used to work more on commercial projects, his focus is now on people as well as his artistic projects. His latest project “HUNDERT” showed how people’s faces differ in ages by taking photos of 100 people in different ages at the same angle. And now, he’s working on a new project “ZEN GARDEN”, a compilation of the beauty of Japanese gardens which he started 4 years ago when he went to Japan for the first time. Although he’s a photographer with almost 30 years of experience, he’s still passionated about taking photos today. To see his work, please find a link to his website below.
Contents: (8:56) Regarding his latest project “HUNDERT” / (16:14) Regarding his new project “ZEN GARDEN” / (35:53) Regarding his musical experiences

現在彼が進行しているプロジェクト「ZEN GARDEN」は彼が初めて日本に行った4年前から始まります。
内容: (8:56) 最新作 “HUNDERT” について / (16:14) 現在進行中の作品 “ZEN GARDEN” について / (35:53) 音楽について

Thomas’s website:

Thomas’s unforgotten tunes
The Beatles - Let it be
Chilly Gonzales - Dot
Avi Avital - Bach
Herbert Grönemeyer - Bochum