The One Up

Nov 16, 2019, 08:12 PM

Let's get into different types of bags this episode. From John Legend being deemed the Sexiest Man Alive to Disney Plus. From Popeye's Chicken To Cheating. We got you covered.

Pancakes Fam! Let's go we have alot of stuff to discuss:
RIP Alexis Crawford
Lil Reese Is Here!
Visiting KFC
John Legend is Sexiest Man Alive
Drake Gets Booed
Colin Kaepernick has an NFL Tryout
Disney Plus
The Rock is a DC Comics Super Hero
Carmelo Anthony signed!
Eddie Murphy Partners With Netflix
Why Do Men Avoid Tough Conversations?
Would You Allow Your Ex To Stay With Your New Partner?
Open Relationships Vs Hall Passes

Of course there is more!