NASA gobbles your $300 mil; exciting SpaceX test*. Bob Zimmerman,

Nov 22, 01:30 AM
Image:  During a SpaceX engineering test, a tank exploded. Bill Harwood reported at 
SpaceX Starship test; hope to have flights in 2020. Bob Zimmerman,

Today, during engineering tests, a tank exploded – went 500 feet into the air. No other information. Boeing blasted NASA for how it negotiates its contact. Looks as though NASA needed addtl flights because of its own delays, so it contracted Boing, gave it almost $300 mil extra dollars without ever speaking with Space X for a moment, even though SpaceX has shorter production lead times, and it charges about half of what Boeing charges. NASA is “not transparent” – is that legal?  China.  Indonesia: has leapt into the Twenty-first Century, has its own space agency and space port; has picked a location for a new, larger space port from which to launch their own home-grown rockets.  Similar to UAE, Japan, and other, smaller nations.  Apollo 12 was the second on the Moon; demonstrated that the Apollo system really works. 
* The SpaceX prototype upper stage built as a pathfinder for SpaceX's planned human-rated Starship rocket literally blew its top Wednesday during a pressurization test. The explosion blasted what appeared to be an upper bulkhead high into the air above the company's seaside Boca Chica, Texas launch complex. – Bill Harwood