“Deep state HQ is where the snakes are.” @ChristianWhiton

Nov 22, 2019, 05:37 AM
Image:  Who’s supposed to make foreign policy in the USA?
Christian Whiton, Center for the National Interest, covers Fiona Hill, McMaster and Vindman.  McMaster and Mattis went on to Hoover. Vindman spoke poorly of the president — saying, “he went against US policy” — abrogating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and disgracing himself. He lacked even the dignity to resign. Only the president is entitled to formulate US policy. CW: “Back to [D.C.] headquarters is where the snakes are.”   This Administration has not taken great care in keeping out these deep-state swamp critters. The one institution not yet ruined by leftist baby boomers is the military . . . [so far].