Nov 23, 2019, 08:06 PM

We got into the bag early with this one. From Stephen A Smith Backlash to the Grammy Nominees. From Future and Lori Harvey To Tyler Perry Studio Visits. Revisiting Love vs In Love and Do You Lie To Protect Who You Love or Tell The Truth? It's alot people. Let's go

We got you covered in all things. First off Dope Tomorrow believes his platform is being weaponized by women against him :) Addresses some of the notions floating around about Men vs Women.  Also Dope and Hill get into a back in forth about Love vs In Love with someone.  We also talk:

Floyd Mayweather un-retires
Carmelo Anthony Returns
Colin Kaepernick and Stephen A Smith Backlash
Kanye West Has Album of the Decade
Future and Lori Harvey An Item
Soul Train Awards and Grammy Nominations
Love vs Lust
New Movies Alert
Lena Waithe vs Jason Mitchell

So much more. Let's just get into it.