Client Relationships- Attracting the right clients, and what to do when you have the wrong ones.

Dec 02, 2019, 08:09 AM
I recently posted online about this topic and received some amazing feedback from other people who have either been through this or are in the middle of this right now. 

So if you have some tough client relationships right now- I want to you know you are not alone. When I started my business as a side hustle I took ALL THE WORK coming to me because I had a huge problem with a lack mentality. I never thought my business could afford to turn someone away. This not true. There are clients who will actually cost you. 

Cost you reputation- they will never be happy and will do their darnedest to tell everyone they aren’t happy
Cost you time- that you could be working on other projects
Cost you sanity- stress you out in ways you never thought possible. 
Cost you self-respect- worst of all because they treat you poorly and YOU LET THEM

Legal: I am not a lawyer and nothing I say constitutes legal advice.

So in this episode, I talk about marketing to the right clients, qualifying potential work, and what to do if things go south.