No surrender from the youth of Hong Kong. Besieged by Mainland cops. Brutality. Pastor Dr. William Devlin

Dec 03, 05:07 AM
Image: A 15th-century portrait of the Ming official Jiang Shunfu. His position was obtained by means of days-long, extremely difficult examinations attended by scholars from all over China. The decoration of two cranes on his chest is a "mandarin square," indicating that he was a civil official of the first rank.

Pastor Dr. William Devlin, of REDEEM! and Infinity Bible Church; with Gordon Chang, of the Daily Beast, was inside the Hong Kong protests. Bill was inside the Polytechnic University with 1,100 students for three days doing volunteer medical work; were eventually surrounded by riot police.  Pastor Bill and Bishop Ha negotiated with the police for many hours in the middle of the night: can we go in and help everyone out safely?  Our demands three times were not met. At 4:30 AM we called it a day.

Tear-gassed every fifteen to twenty minutes; people carried umbrellas vs the water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets. Witnessed savagery. The young people involved were committed to nonviolence. Prayer meeting the next day at a police station in Kowloon.  Committed to human rights and liberty for Hong Kong. We were praying for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in Washington, which passed.  Today, tens of thousands out on the streets.  Young people are committed to continuing.  Masses of US flags and people singing the Star-Spangled Banner. In Legco (the Legislative Council), only 30 out of 70 are pro-democracy.

The HK democracy movement were so encouraged that three religious leaders had come all the way from New York City; and much so with the support of the US Congress and the president. Falun Gong, Uyghurs.