Demonstration for democracy repudiates Beijing authority. Michael Yon

Dec 03, 05:09 AM
Image: Bravissimi, Hong Kong patriots and rebels.  Here:  A scene of the Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864

Michael Yon, Hong Kong reporter, on the Hong Kong eighteen District Councils voting. China made this normally-unimportant vote a referendum on the protests —and pro-democracy took 88% of the enormous vote.  Beijing’s councils – all hitherto controlled by Beijing — were reduced to [one?].  Then President Trump signed the HK Human Rights and Democracy Act, which was another huge victory for the patriots. So far, 4,500 arrests. Poland: I was a Special Forces member and lived in Poland.  Hong Kong is remarkably parallel: [liberation vision]. One rule for success: never quit.  Poles never did and Hong Kongers [ought] not.