r/moraldilemmas #2 (trigger warning), smol yoda, and Tesla's PS1 truck.

Dec 04, 2019, 09:55 AM

In this episode, we revisit (on accident), one of our favorite cocktail conversation subreddits, r/moraldilemmas, and focus specifically on one particualrly complicated delimma. Plus, a deconstruction of memetic history, Smol Yoda, and Trials & Figulations. This episode brought to you by the Walt Disney Corporation

0:00 to 9:04 - Trigger Warner & Introduction 
9:05 to 29:18 - Front Page Review ft. classic hits like Smol Yoda, Disney Plus, and Tesla's new Nintendo 64 graphics-style truck
29:19 to 49:39 - A rousing chat about how memes are historical artifacts about societal chapters through time. 
49:40 to 1:31:35 - r/moraldilemmas, and in particular, a unique question about a very controversial topic.
1:31:36 to end - Randoms, and the deep web