Calories 101: The Last Guide to Calorie Counting You’ll Ever Need

Dec 05, 2019, 11:01 AM
What is a calorie? Why do calories matter? Are all calories the same? And can you stay healthy if you just count calories and work out regularly?

Today we’ll answer all these questions and more.

We have three guests with us today – clinical nutritionist Rupali Datta, 23-year-old Abhishek Sarin, who works as a constultant in Delhi, 22-year-old Udayan Sinha, who’s a journalist. Both Abhishek and Udayan have lost approximately 20 kilos each.

And this is everything you need to know about calories.

There’s one group of nutritionists who swear by calorie counting and its effectiveness for weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance. Then there’s another group that says calorie counting is the biggest farce of the 21st century.

Which group is right? We answer every single question you might have about calories on this podcast.

Host & Editor: Vishnu Gopinath

Guests: Rupali Datta, Clinical Nutrionist(Fortis Hospitals, Max Hospitals)
Abhishek Sarin, Consultant
Udayan Sinha, Journalist

Producer: Shelly Walia