2/2 CNN & DailyBeast: mendacity doesn’t pay. @DevinNunes

Dec 07, 2019, 03:47 AM
Image: CNN logo. Public domain.

Devin Nunes, CA-22, now lets us know that he’s suing CNN — Chris Cuomo—and the Daily Beast for having published defamatory (and easily proven to be inaccurate)  stories about him: saying that he’d gone to Vienna to confer with Shokin about Burisma – but not only was he not in Vienna nor acquainted with Shokin; there are photos of him in Benghazi and Malta at that time. On the Friday night before Thanksgiving CNN broadcast that Devin, then chairman of the House Intell Committee, and perhaps with an oligarch named [Furtash?] in December 2018. Furtash’s name in the tale later was changed to that of Shokin. Someone was feeding this mendacity to six media outlets.  CNN stupidly went with the story that all the others had rejected as wholly unsubstantiated. CNN’s lawyers are upset; the firm has not retracted the wholly-disproven story. “There must be some adults running that publicly-traded company.”