Patricia Curran Part 1

Dec 08, 2019, 11:00 AM
In the early hours of the 12th November 1953, Desmond Curran set out to look for his younger sister. She had not returned from university in Belfast, Northern ireland as she normally did and the family were concerned. As he set out into the grounds of their large home he had an awful shock. Lying in the undergrowth just short of their driveway was Patricia. She had been stabbed and it would later be found she had 37 injuries. The investigation became high profile as Patricia was the daughter of High Court Judge Lancelot Curran and newspapers everywhere documented what happened next. An arrest would be made in the case and in this first episode we delve into the arrest and trial. part 2 will discuss the other side of the story that led to the suspect's acquittal in this controversial case. 
Important information provided by: Contemporary news sources More sinned against than Sinning 1995 documentary Part 1

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