Russell Barnard the co-founder of Snappd and I talk about real estate marketing and more!

Dec 08, 2019, 01:06 PM
In this episode I have a conversation with Russell Barnard and we discuss Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and how we are trying to market in different ways as a commercial real estate professional. The story of Russell and I meeting tracks back to when I first started creating stories online within the platform of Snapchat. At that time Instagram did not have the story telling option and I was producing a regular daily story. Russell had created an app called The platform was a place I could save my stories that I had put lots of energy into in a day. I enjoyed working with the tool, especially because it was native to the iphone and most importantly because the founder of the company was asking me my thoughts of his product. As time has gone on the location where people share stories has changed. Because of that I have not needed to save my stories from Snapchat and have been mainly creating within Instagram. Russell and his team are finding ways to change the app and the newest additions they hope to provide story features that are easy for Real Estate professionals to share tours of videos.  Come listen to this interview and learn more about Russell Barnard and his entrepreneurial journey. 

After some research, Russell noticed that:

  • Most property listings don’t have a video
  • Due to the time & cost it would take to first record & then edit and upload.
  • Existing options include tools like Matterport or an expensive professionally made video hosted on Vimeo or YouTube which is not the best experience to view on mobile.