Hong Kong “cops” (Chinese army) put toxins in water cannon, imprison hospital patients. @Michael_Yon

Dec 12, 2019, 04:18 AM
Image: Putative Hong Kong cops, actually the Chinese army—speaking Mandarin (guo yu), not Hong Kong language—as they prepare to control peaceful citizens. Photo: Michael Yon

Michael Yon, Hong Kong reporter par excellence, reports again on the brutality of the Mainland interlopers in Hong Kong. If a patriot or any other citizen damages his foot and goes to hospital, is arrested immediately and thrown in jail. Patriots have had to set up secret medical apartments to prevent Mainland from doing this obscenity. Police put evil chemicals in the water cannon, create horrendous problems: not clear exactly what toxins are going in to the water. Anyone not wearing a mask starts to wheeze. Police call the liberators “cockroaches” and their evil chemicals, “insecticide.”  This is overtly chemical warfare.  At the least, what are the long-term effects of tear gas?  The authorities with their large soldiers, draft age, who look as though they’ve been trucked in from the Mainland.  Facebook: Michael_Yon