Unnatural Causes: Pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd in conversation with Paul Carson

Episode 7,  Dec 19, 2019, 06:00 AM

Staring Death in the Eye: Unnatural Causes

In conversation with international bestselling crime writer Dr Paul Carson, Shepherd will take you into his world where he stares death in the eye.
As the UK’s leading forensic pathologist, Dr Richard Shepherd has faced serial killers, natural disaster, ‘perfect murders’ and freak accidents, all in the pursuit of the truth.

And while he’s been involved in some of the most high-profile cases of recent times, it’s often the less well-known encounters that prove the most perplexing, intriguing and even bizarre. In or out of the public eye, his evidence has put killers behind bars, freed the innocent and turned
open-and-shut cases on their heads.

In his bestselling memoir, Richard Shepherd gives a unique insight into a remarkable profession, and above all a powerful and reassuring
testament to lives cut short.

Paul Carson is a medical doctor and novelist (www.paulcarson.ie). Between 1986 and 1996 he published seven health books and two children’s novels.  From 1997 – 2013 he wrote six bestselling medical thrillers, Scalpel, Cold Steel, Final Duty, Ambush, Betrayal and Inquest.  These have been translated into nineteen languages.

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