Hypersonic delivery system: 20 times the speed of sound. Peter Huessy (@hobeyoco)

Dec 19, 2019, 04:25 AM
Peter Huessy, director of Strategic Deterrent Studies, Mitchell Institute of the Air Force Association, educates on China's and Russia's development of hypersonic delivery systems. Hypersonic goes twenty times the speed of sound.  Russians bldg. low-yield hypersonic systems; Chinese are ‘way ahead: but these fly too high for US to see.   We need both offensive and retaliatory systems.  Putin wants to take over some of the Baltics, then announce that the US can’t even defend its own allies, so go our way. China wants to vitiate free maritime access, take over the First Island Chain, and take Taiwan.

US needs to:
1. build and deploy space-based sensors to see hypersonic speed weapons (you can’t stop something you can’t see);
2. build defenses to intercept (I can see it once it gets into atmosphere; then relatively easy to shoot down); and
3. build an offensive retaliatory force or even preemptive systems that uses hypersonic speed systems to go after bad-guy targets..

The US is now behind in technology that it developed. Michael Griffin, Dep SecDef, has this as his bailiwick.  We must involve our allies so they can also help deter and credibly fight in this new environment.