Episode 21 "Naruto Hamilton"

Season 1, Episode 21,  Dec 19, 2019, 07:11 AM

Welcome to a special Birthday edition of the Ninja please Podcast.

(00:3:00) - Intro - 
Today we were joined by our Friend to the show Josh aka Tonymoncamera aka Ocean. 
Real Ninja Birthday. Happy Birthday, Starman! and what better thing to do other than Pod your heart out. In today's first segment we explore some of the 4th quarter's shows and a few disappointments that came in final seasons in the year 2019. 

(00:19:00) A couple of the Ninja’s have yet to see Martin Scorsese’s Netflix Hit The Irishman, but that does stop us from an examination of the impact of Gangster shit (01:25:36) WATCHMEN RECAP !

(00:43:53) Its almost 2020 and yet we have our mindset in 2021 for we have received news that John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 both will share the same release date. Also, our special guess delivers the question “ Are the Matrix and Terminator timelines related?”. 

(00:56:00) - The Mandalorian has become a staple and the first official Hit of the news streaming service DIsney+, we take a few moments to discuss the series thus far. 

(01:16:00)  Starman never got caught up on Flash, Supergirl , or Batwoman, and Black is only a few episodes shy, but nothing would stop the ninja’s from catching the momentous event  that is a crisis on infinite earth’ 

(01:26:20) Le-sigh….Dear Cuba Gooding Jr, We hate to jester at your expense but we have to get these jokes off, Keep ya head up. Also, American God’s Fires Orlando Jones and we have concerns. 

(01:35:00) - Starman asks the Ninja’s some of their favorite shows from the past decade. And we end the show on the Nick Cannon vs Eminem rap beef.

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