China enslaves foreign workers; secret message escapes. @GordonGChang

Dec 24, 2019, 04:43 AM
Image:  Gustave Doré's image of the exercise yard at Newgate Prison (1872). Public domain.

Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, @GordonGChang , clarifies the message from a package of Christmas cards that a little girl opened in London, via the distributor Tesco, which has cancelled the contract with China: “We are foreign prisoners in Shanghai forced to work; when you read this, contact Peter Humphrey.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry denies that China is forcing slave labor.  In the US, nether inspectors nor any authority catches this villainy. Only solution we can think of is a certification process.  . . .   China is burning so much lignite—the lowest grade of coal, and the only coal mined domestically—that its carbon emissions [read: pollution] surpass these of India and the whole rest of the world, combined.  . . .  Europeans are back to appeasing: this time, not the Hitlerites but the unelected tyrants of Beijing.