Bet Credit Rules Explained on

Jan 05, 09:36 AM
What are the Bet Credit Rules Explained?

In this podcast episode we explain the bet credit rules with full information available on "" who have got everything covered about this subject,but basically bet credits are just like a bonus offer you would normally get from a traditional online bookmaker but are called something different now because of strict new advertising laws put in place by the UK Gambling Commission.

This podcast gives you a rough idea of what they are,but for a clear description you can use the link provided above to find out more details.

Why use Bet Credits?

When you open a new customer account at some online bookmakers you will be entitled to receive some bet credits as long as you meet the terms and conditions of a particular bookies promotional offer.These bet credits are well worth claiming when you sign up to open a new customer account as they can give your sports betting account a real boost as you will have extra funds to place bets with which gives you more chance of winning something by using them.Please be aware that "Bet Credits Rules" apply to all bookmaker promotions so i highly recommend that you read them in full before agreeing to participate in a particular sign up offer.

Is £100 Bet Credits the most i can claim?

The biggest amount of Bet Credits i have seen is £100,where you have to bet £100 to get £100 in bet credits but at some bookmakers you are also given the option to claim a smaller amount of betting credit if you are only a small stakes punter,such as bet £10 get £10 in betting credits etc.

Most punters like to claim the maximum amount as you are not allowed to open multiple accounts to get the same new customer sign up bonus offer.If you do try to open many accounts to claim the same promotion you are likely to be banned so it is not recommended.So claiming the maximum amount makes sense as there are not many of these deals about.

How do i get my Betting Credit?

Firstly,you need to sign up by clicking on any links of the promotion that you would like to receive.

Secondly,once on a bookmaker site you will be then asked to fill in a registration with your details.Please note that you will have to be aged 18 years old or more to participate.

Thirdly,now you need to submit the form so that a bookie can create a new customer account for you.

Forthly,you then have to meet the terms and conditions of your chosen offer before your bet credits are then released to your betting account.

Finally,you can then use them by placing bets on any sports markets of your choice.

Marching On Together - Leeds United Club Anthem

My favourite football team Leeds United are now top of the Championship League and it is looking like they are going to get promoted this season to the premier league,so to celebrate i have also included the club anthem in this podcast which is called "Marching on Together",i hope you enjoy listening to it.