JNU violence part of larger design to suppress dissent and distraction from faltering economy- Yogendra Yadav

Jan 07, 01:12 PM
On Sunday, January 5th 2020, a masked mob comprising over 40-50 people armed with iron rods, sticks and stones stormed one of Delhi’s most esteemed universities, Jawaharlal Nehru University and attacked students and teachers. Aishe Ghosh, JNU Students Union President was brutally beaten up by masked men. Over 23 students and one professor Sucharita Sen were among those injured. According to multiple news reports, the right wing student group ABVP and its members were behind the attacks. According to eyewitnesses, including many journalists, the attacks took place under the noses of Delhi police who as per videos which have surfaced also escorted some attackers outside the campus. A whatsapp group where the attack was allegedly coordinated also points fingers towards ABVP with one of its members accepting on prime time news that ABVP had asked the students to arm itself. Delhi police has once again come under attack for siding with the administration & for dereliction of duty. ABVP on the other hand accuses the Left student body for orchestrating the attacks and pinning it on them. 

Yogendra Yadav, President of Swaraj India and activist was also manhandled outside the university campus on Sunday evening where he had reached upon receiving news of the attacks. 

For this episode of The Suno India Show, our researcher, Kunika Balhotra reached out to Yogendra Yadav to know why the JNU attack took place and more. 

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