The unfinished business of Russiagate starts with John Brennan. @VDHanson @HooverInst

Jan 08, 03:59 AM

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover in re:  The missing impeachment. The still-unknowns of Russiagate, esp a man named Brennan. The FBI declared that 31 July 2016 (a Sunday) was the opening of Crossfire Hurricane. The IG endorses the notion that the FBI did [nothing significant relevant] before that. However, who was running surveillance of the Trump campaign ’way back in the summer and maybe the spring of 2016.  Papadopoulos; and Alexander Downer, who has Five Eyes relationships. Who was in charge of/paying for all this before 31 July 2016? ___ Was very canny in using US intell to skirt US law. Had a lot to do with the rise of Christopher Steele and the seeding of that document [among the press].  He’s done a lot of damage, but not paid any account.