ISS blood clots. Bob Zimmerman,

Jan 09, 12:52 AM
Image: Image: Inside the ISS, a crew member is storing samples. NASA.

      The start of the 2020 launch season: started by SpaceX, putting up 60 Starlink smallsats.  Will later be in the thousands for global Internet service at a reasonable cost. Dragon: NASA becomes part of an economic powerhouse.  
       In a first, an unnamed astronaut was treated for a blood clot while on a six-month mission on ISS sometime in the last few years.
       Ultrasound examinations of the astronauts’ internal jugular veins were performed at scheduled times in different positions during the mission. Results of the ultrasound performed about two months into the mission revealed a suspected obstructive left internal jugular venous thrombosis (blood clot) in one astronaut. The astronaut, guided in real time and interpreted by two independent radiologists on Earth, performed a follow-up ultrasound, which confirmed the suspicion.