An Opera About Bread and A Fake Monogrammed Private Jet for Dogs

Jan 12, 08:00 AM
Did you know that Charles Dickens is the new Bloody Mary? We're bringing you all kinds of fun facts from our 2019 live show at the Wilbur in Boston! We thought what better way to kick off our 2020 tour than by sharing the live recording of a show that was so near and dear to our hearts... and also happens to be full of food descriptions. Em covers the legendary Omni Parker Hotel, which is just chock full of ghosts and also delicious rolls. Then Christine covers a criminal so brash he masqueraded as everything from a Rockefeller to a European baronet (we're not sure what that is either) but his real name is Christian Gerhartsreiter. Don't miss the first real memory we made together in Boston as actual friends... and that's why we drink! 

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