National Parks Service’s embarrassing credo. Bob Zimmerman,

Jan 12, 03:40 AM
Image:  Adieu, glaciers. ’Tis all my fault, says the National Parks Service — a tad prematurely.

Bob Zimmerman,, in re:  Glaciers on Earth: disappearing?  Not really—Glacier National Park in 2017 had leftover signs, a decade old, proclaiming that glaciers are disappearing and it’s all our fault and they’d be wholly gone by 2020.  Not.   Last June, the Park Service announced that they’re reverse or revise the signs; hadn’t enough money to remove them; finally said that the disappearance “depends on how we act.” A. They are not disappearing, and B there’s zero proof that it’s caused by humans, Dark energy is a theory that’s no longer entirely accepted.  Faraway supernovae:  looked as though the universe was accelerating as it expanded; however, a new paper suggests that dark energy does not exist.