Uttar Pradesh’s police excesses symptomatic of a larger malaise

Jan 12, 11:13 AM
The anti Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) and the National Register of Citizens(NRC) Protests turned violent in many states across the country but in Uttar Pradesh the violence was beyond imagination. More than 20 people were killed and the Chief Minister of the state announced that the properties of the protestors will be seized as compensation for damage to public property. Ironically with free hand from the government there were also incidences of police going on rampage and damaging property which was overlooked.

Suno India Editor, Padma Priya talks with Nakul Singh Sawhney, an Indian documentary filmmaker who has extensively worked on issues of communalism, honour killing, labour rights and social justice to discuss if police brutality during violence is new or if it has been happening more now. 

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