The Disappearance of Andrew Elphick

Jan 12, 11:47 AM
On the 24th August 1991, a silver Vauxhall Nova GTE Saloon car was found by locals on a housing estate in Slough. The car attracted attention as the keys were left in the ignition, the sunroof was left open and it had not been seen on the estate before. The registration plate was ran by police and it was found to be registered to 21 year old Andrew Elphick who lived in the village of Normandy, Surrey which was just under an hour away. The problem that police encountered was that Andrew had not been seen since 8:30pm the previous evening. Andrew was a missing person. The investigation that ensued would lead police to a number of worrying discoveries and would turn this missing person case into a murder investigation. 

Important information provided by: Crimewatch reconstruction 1991 Nick Davies Guardian Article 1994

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