The Best Way to Upload IGTV Videos | Biz Bomb

Jan 15, 08:01 AM
Welcome to your Biz Bomb episode of the 360 Health Biz podcast where we provide a quick tip to blow your mind and help your business. And today’s Biz Bomb is about IGTV and a juice upload tip.
We love IGTV because you can record it with your phone and it's very low maintenance. Plus IGTV videos get more engagement and more reach than other types of content that posted on Instagram. But sometimes it can be a pain in the butt to upload and we’ve heard from a few people that they have this trouble too.
Like any great IT agent would suggest, close your programs and restart. That’s right, if you’re having troubles uploading your IGTV video (like if it’s taking FOREVER to upload or it stops uploading and says failed uploaded) then what you want to do is restart your phone and make sure that all your other apps are closed down. 
When you are uploading a video from your phone, it uses a lot of power and can send your phone into overload (think of it like burn out when you’re stressed) so the thing to do is shut it down and restart. 9 times out of 10 this will work and you’ll be able to upload your video with ease after you restart.
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