#Wuhan pneumonia: secret origin, more deaths. @GordonGChang

Jan 14, 03:45 AM
Image:  Wuhan pneumonia: secret origin, more deaths.  @GordonGChang

#Wuhan pneumonia: secret origin, more deaths.  @GordonGChang

Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re: Wuhan [capital of China's central Hubei province] flu/Wuhan pneumonia: a coronavirus in the same family as SARS.  The West can solve it, but no on trusts the Chinese to deal with it.  One death so far.  Wuhan has just been quarantined.  First confirmed case found in Thailand; but can't trust the regime for any sort of accuracy in these matters, given that the regime is wholly nontransparent. Probably started with animals in a wet market; jumped to humans.  Also, a case that looks like this in South Korea.   . . .   Autos sales in China declined 8.2% except German and Japanese luxury cars.  Eighteenth straight month of diminution.  Consumer spending is stagnant. The Chinese economy is weak, so Chinese must come to terms with the US.   My sense is that we’ve done too much in reducing Section 301 tariffs; China needs to import food so we needn’t offer favors there. US also stopped designating China as a currency manipulator.   The symbolism is bad for the Trump Administration.