Corporate sustainability and our future with AI

Jan 14, 2020, 02:16 PM
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week kicks off and it has been a pretty big week for the champions of sustainability as investors and companies show they are becoming more climate conscious. A very public mea culpa from Siemens chief executive Joe Kaeser in an exclusive interview with The National’s energy correspondent Jennifer Gnana. Siemens' involvement in an Australian coal mining project involving India's Adani Group was a "mistake", but the company needs to complete the work to fulfil its contractual obligations, its chief executive Joe Kaeser said.
Host Mustafa Alrawi assistant editor in chief and Kelsey Warner future editor discuss the changing strategy of climate activists and the attitudes towards climate responsibility in the business world. Kelsey also interviews Dr Mark Esposito at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week about the fears and potential of AI.

In this episode:
Siemens and Adani (0m 30s)
Kaeser under fire (4m 36s)
Sustainability in US (10m 37s)
Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (13m 47s)
Dr Mark Esposito (16m 11s)
Headlines (21m 27s)

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