“You bet we’ll come take your guns” @JedBabbin

Jan 15, 01:46 AM
Image: Calamity Jane, notable pioneer frontierswoman and scout, at age 43. Photo by H. R. Locke.

Jed Babbin, American Spectator; in re:  Virginia’s Giddy Gun Controllers.   Calling the state legislature into session last Wednesday, Gov. Ralph Northam could not have been more elated. His Democrats have taken over the state legislature and are giddily preparing to exercise every ounce of their new-found powers.
       Northam’s expansive legislative agenda includes: passage of the long-dead Equal Rights Amendment (the deadline for ratification expired in 1982); decriminalization of marijuana; big spending on “save the planet” environmental nonsense; further liberalization of abortion laws; and, of course, far-reaching strict gun controls. . . .  Among the bills being considered are requirements for background checks on all firearms sales, red flag laws, a one-a-month limit on purchasing pistols, closing the “gun show loophole,” and bans on possession of firearms in state buildings and parks. And that’s not the half of it  . . . SB 16 was the most radical of bills (at least at that point). As I explained, it would outlaw the possession of all “assault weapons,” a class of rifles, pistols and shotguns which are among the most-purchased in the nation and have been employed for hunting, target shooting, and home defense. It was obviously unconstitutional. Spectator.org/virginias-giddy-gun-controllers/