Episode 3: Toby G - Refugee to MBE

Jan 15, 2020, 03:24 PM
EPISODE 3 - Toby G: Refugee to MBE
Growing up as a Romany Gypsy in Poland & fleeing violent racism & persecution, Toby has shown extraordinary positivity & resilience. As a hip hop dancer he has helped and inspired hundreds of underprivileged children resulting in him being awarded an MBE.
A real story of bravery, resilience & positivity!

Show Notes:
    ⁃    From Poland to Plymouth via London as a refugee with his Mum
    ⁃    Remembering racism as young as 6 years old
    ⁃    Cultural awareness between the generations
    ⁃    Romany Gypsy ancestry & a Granny in Auswitchz
    ⁃    Being a proud family man
    ⁃    “Dad, what is black?”
    ⁃    ‘Street Factory’ origins & meeting his wife Jo working at the Theatre
    ⁃    Helping a community in need through Hip Hop Dance
    ⁃    The importance of strong women
    ⁃    TED Ex & securing funding for ‘Street Factory’
    ⁃    Tough times, support & setting up the dream
    ⁃    Being awarded an MBE by Prince William & turning up at Buckingham Palace with trainers on
    ⁃    Hip hop dancing & the Street Factory Family
    ⁃    Hip Hop Theatre & the future of ‘Street Factory’
    ⁃    Simon Cowell really does have white teeth & high trousers
    ⁃    Guess the actor 🤣🤣🤣
    ⁃    Equality & his Queen Jo
    ⁃    Let’s get creative!

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    ⁃    https://youtu.be/ur03GAmIV8A

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With special thanks to Toby & Jo Gorniak & the artists at ‘Street Factory Plymouth CIC