Citizens of Brentford. All Aboard - Pre-Huddersfield Town Podcast From The Pub

Jan 16, 05:45 AM
With the QPR match done. And Brentford flying high in the Championship, we turned our focus on what next for The Bees. 

How do Brentford approach this next set of matches?

How important is the FA Cup in the bigger scheme of things?

We get down the George IV pub in Chiswick High Road to sheet the breeze and discuss

QPR victory and how does Brentford’s season pan out over the next few weeks
New Griffin Park (as people have christened it). The season ticket purchasing scanario

Plus we chat to Richard from He Takes That Chance Podcast about Huddersfield

0 min 0 Intro
4 min 50 sec - Beesotted crew discuss aftermath of QPR
48 min 25 sec - New Griffin Park Stadium Season Ticket Purchasing Experience including the inception of the ’Brentford Citizenship Test’ - a test to ensure that all new season ticket holders were well versed in ‘Brentford-ness’
1 hr 12 min 08 sec - Richard from Takes That Chance Podcast talks Huddersfield
1 hr 21 min 18 sec - Beesotted crew chat Huddersfield match
1 hr 33 min 22 sec - END