Email Marketing Part 1: Why We Don’t Use Mailchimp & How to Write a Kickass Subject Line

Jan 22, 08:01 AM
OMG – email marketing. This topic is a big one. So much so we had to break it into two parts. There are so many blog posts out there stating Email is dead or the secret is in your email list. But what does that all mean? We have seen it all when it comes to email marketing (and we’ve done it all!) so today we are going to shed some light on the right ways to email marketing.
First things first, when it comes to your email list – it’s quality over quantity. We seem to be living in this influencer social media mentality that the more followers you have the more money you’ll make selling your services. This is simply not true. You want to have quality leads on your list that are interested in what you’re putting out there. 
That brings us to our next point – you absolutely cannot have a sustainable business if you are only putting yourself out there on social media. With the ever changing algorithms, you can’t depend on social media to get your message out there. Sure you can show up on social every day (hello, we do LOVE Instagram after all) but you also need an email list, an email nurture sequence and funnel to actually sell.
In addition to WHY you need an email list and social media vs email, in this episode we also discuss:
 - our favourite email providers (hint: it’s not Mailchimp)
 - email nurture sequences
 - what should/shouldn’t be in your email
 - how to create open-worthy subject lines
Tune in now for Part 1 of Email Marketing and be sure to mark you calendar for Part 2 coming up in two weeks.
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