Wake Up and Sleep!

Jan 22, 2020, 06:00 AM
We talk incessantly about the lack of it, yearn for it, sabotage it, would pay a fortune for it, underestimate it, and even (weirdly) dream of it; a good night's sleep. 

Sleep has become a currency we just can't seem to get rich in as we juggle busy lives, screens and responsibilities. How did something that is (was?) such a normal, natural part of the human life cycle, seem to have become so totally fecked up?

Exploring the difference between Hygienic and Dirty sleep, we'll be chatting about the importance, disruptors, and science of sleep, and how it affects the very consciousness of how we live our lives, especially as women. 

As we navigate the maze of mid-age, the pressure to sleep well can become yet another stick to beat ourselves with. Well, it's time to stop beating ourselves into exhausted zombies, and start beating the odds, to make sleep our new best bed buddy.

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