Gratuity in the UAE

Jan 27, 03:22 PM
How the UAE’s end-of-service gratuity is evolving. If you are an expatriate employee in the UAE, you are entitled to a gratuity payment. But how much will you receive when you leave your current job? And, with the Dubai International Financial Centre now implementing its workplace savings plan, known as DEWs, is the UAE also considering a change to the gratuity system for the whole country? 

Alice Haine, the personal finance editor of The National, is joined by Rory Reynolds, The National’s news editor. Later on we’re joined by Martin McGuigan, a partner at McLagan and Aon Recruitment, who will give us some insight into the changes around the new workplace savings scheme at the DIFC and answer our questions on the future of the end-of-service payment. We’ll also hear from Fred Wobus who used his gratuity payment to start an investment portfolio for his children.