Washington’s “peace” with the Taliban? The Taliban laugh. @BillRoggio

Jan 28, 03:23 AM
Image: Taliban religious police beating a woman in Kabul on 26 August 2001.  Permissions*: see below.

Bill Roggio, Long War Journal and FDD; in re:  Crash of E11-A in Ghazni; actually, an E-11A BACN (Battlefield Airborne Communications Node). The Taliban did not claim credit for downing the E-11A, as has been reported by some journalists in Afghanistan. The Taliban did, however, claim it “shot down” a helicopter in Helmand province today. The Taliban has left the door open that it may have shot down the E-11A. We’ve lost at least five highly-honored, highly-valued American airmen.

The photo/vid of the downed plane shows it crashed but was not smithereened.  Afghan officials have stated that commandos are being sent to Deh Yak to secure the crash site.  With fuzzy information, this is definitely the fog of war.

Taliban keep telling everyone: “We’re just talking with the US till they leave”— but the dips refuse to acknowledge that. It used to be called a “ceasefire,” now it’s just a “reduction in violence.”  [Rubbish! How about, “I’ll reduce my spousal abuse to a reduction in violence”?]  The US is merely an obstacle to the Taliban’s taking almost-total control.  At present the Balkanization of Afghanistan.  Washington keeps blithering about “peace.”  The future is Taliban shooting females; hanging people; imposing its version of sharia; closing schools — these are already happening widely today across Afghanistan.