Let's Talk Plastics

Jan 28, 01:30 PM

In this episode, we explore how a warehouse can reduce it's plastic and look to smart innovative ways to cut carbon emissions by getting creative with packaging.

Step aside Sir David Attenborough, get on your boat Greta, this episode it’s SHD Logistics’ turn to tackle plastic waste. We talk to Unipart Logistics on how it removed single-use plastic from Sky’s supply chain before heading to London’s West End to meet the co-founder of Garçon Wines, Santiago Navarro. Santiago and his team have developed the first flat wine bottle, made from 100% recycled plastic, which fits through a UK letterbox. A standard sized pallet can transport 2.5 times as many of these flat wine bottles as the average round, glass wine bottle.
Listen to hear practical advice and ambitious plans for plastic-free supply chain domination.