Quincy Avery | Quarterback Takeover President

Jan 10, 08:00 AM

Quincy Avery continues to help others achieve their dreams as President of Quarterback Takeover where he trains some of the nation's elite quarterbacks and it's the adversity that he faced in his life which ultimately helped shaped him into the man he is today while sports helped him deal with that adversity.

Episode 126: Quincy Avery | Quarterback Takeover President

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Show Notes:

  • Dad played NFL & college football and served as an assistant coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under Tony Dungy
  • His dad went missing before a game in 2000 vs the Atlanta Falcons because of a drug addiction
  • Quincy played at Morehouse College but always wanted to be a head coach of an NFL team
  • After college, he drove to UCLA and meet with Rick Neuheisel with hopes of getting a job
  • Lived in the locker room at UCLA before returning to Atlanta with hopes of starting a QB training company
  • He didn't have any money to rent a facility but scheduled an elite camp at 5:30 AM at a donated facility but no one showed up
  • Josh Dobbs eventually asked if could work with Quincy because he didn't have any college offers at the time
  • Helping guys get to the next level ultimately makes him happy and he's a product of being driven by what he says he wants to accomplish
  • Has helped over 150 players earn scholarships saving parents over $14 million in tuition
  • Very hard to trust people because he’s seen how outside factors can become more important to loved ones than the person that they’re supposed to love the most
  • Was homeless he moved back to Atlanta but feels that the thing that you fear the most in the world is not so bad
  • Likes working with 10th and 11th graders the most because you get to see them develop
  • Knew Deshaun would be a great talent immediately because he immediately saw the IT factor combined with talent
  • Sports helped him learn to deal with adversity
  • Words of Wisdom from Quincy Avery: "Don’t get caught up in the things that other people are saying about what you’re doing."

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