Shakti Sharma: Intuitive Healer, How She Helped Heal My Mom & Me; Her Mission

Season 2, Episode 19,  Jan 30, 2020, 02:36 AM

Intuitive Healer, Shakti Sharma, joins me in the studio today, in the company of my Mom (aka, Momma K) and we share sessions we've personally had with Shakti, how she uses her gift to provide helping tools to her clients; and ultimately discuss the world of energy and how we can grow into ourselves by simply listening to our heart. 
We also talk chakras, our soul's color(s), emotional pain turning into physical pain, and so much more.

“What has happened over time is that as a society, we have learned to not trust intuition. So, the intuition is not a matter of learning, the intuition is the matter of trusting.” - Shakti Sharma 

"It was about 15 minutes in and I remember telling her, 'hold on, I need to take this off' [her back brace]. I just felt this release in my core section as I’m sitting... Even though I’m still sitting, I could feel that I had this release in my body.” - Karla Cerrillo (My Mom)

"We’re always depended on other people to help us find our way. There’s very little opportunity for us to tune into our heart to find our own answers..." - Shakti Sharma

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