$0-20Mil Shopify Dropshipping Scaling Startegy with Facebook Ads Kevin Zhang interview.

Episode 22,   Jan 30, 2020, 03:58 PM

This time, I'm with Kevin Zhang - a unique eComm entrepreneur 😎 
While being JUST 23 y.o, he SCALED his business from 0 to $20+ mil in 1!!! YEAR 🤯

We discuss here:
- Quality benchmarks for a $20Mil Shopify business
- Max quality Shopify themes and product presentation techniques
- Remote vs. in-office staff. Training and management strat
- Establishing one-day shipping process to fight chargebacks
- New markets outside of US/CA/UK...

And sooooo MUCH MORE!
I know YOU WILL ENJOY this talk AS MUCH AS I DID! 🙂