Athenians feared their enemies’s revenge; do Democrats, also? Victor Davis Hanson @VDHanson

Jan 31, 03:44 AM
Image:  Battle of Potidaea (432 BC): Athenians against Corinthians. Scene of Socrates saving Alcibiades. 18th century engraving.  Public domain.

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, & National Review Online, in re: The Athenians were alarmed to think that victors over them would treat Athenians as badly, as cruelly, as Athenians treated their enemies.    Democrats start with three states in the bag; but their conduct in he Senate is puzzling. There’s a regicide atmosphere around the Senate trial.  Do the Democrats recognize that they’ve tried.  But, like Wiley Coyote, they seem not to learn. Given the Green New deal, the wealth tax, etc., I don't think they have confidence in winning.

Comey, Brennan, McCabe and Clapper all seem worried that they’re much exposed.  Something happened in 2016, in the last year of the Obama Adm – unmasking, moles inserted to trap Trump minor campaign officials, et al., on the premise that Hillary would win.  CNN is still going down the deplorable/irredeemable route; to paraphrase Tallyrand,  . . .   The same train going over the same cliff, but they can't stop themselves, almost like an end-state addict, where their drug is hatred of Trump.