Union Budget 2020: What Do Indians Want From The Budget?

Episode 368,  Jan 31, 2020, 02:15 PM

India’s GDP will grow at 6-6.5% in the financial year 2020-21. This is what the Centre’s Economic Survey claimed, just 24 hours ahead of the 2020 Union Budget.

But, outside the Indian government, no authority has estimated India’s GDP will grow at 6-6.5% in the financial year 2020. For 2020-21, the IMF revised India’s growth forecast to 4.8% from 6.1%, the World Bank cut the rate from 6% which it had estimated earlier to 5%. The UN however has projected a growth rate of 6.6%.

Despite everything the PM says, the dream of India being a country with a 5 trillion dollar GDP seems like just that. A dream. 

Now, all eyes are on the 2020 Union Budget which will be presented on 1 February.

Will it save India’s economy? And what do people like you and me want from the budget?

Guests: Nilesh Shah, Member, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council
Raghav Bahl, Editor-in-Chief, The Quint
Sanjay Pugalia, Editorial President, The Quint

Host and Producer: Vishnu Gopinath
Editor: Shelly Walia
Music: Big Bang Fuzz

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