#02 - Ethan Buck

Feb 01, 03:00 PM
Ethan Buck went from being 300lbs (136kg), touring the world in a HC punk band, homeless, drunk, fighting and failing, to losing over 100lbs (45kg) of unhealthy bodyweight and gaining over 30lbs (15kg) of lean muscle.  He is the author of 'The Testosterone Solution', and an elite personal trainer specialized in numerous disciplines. In this episode of Barbaric Wisdom, Bronson and Ethan discuss his journey from self destruction to self creation, his new E-book, his practical approach to nutrition and training, fad diets, mindset, the rejection of masculinity in society and it's negative impact on men's health, outrage culture, fat shaming and fat acceptance, genetics, Hormone Replacement Therapy, the fake Instagram fitness industry, anabolic steroids, and the importance of having a circle of accountability.

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