1/2 Decline of union power in a gangbusters economy. @RichardAEpstein @HooverInst

Feb 02, 02:43 AM
Image:  Early 19th century workplace militancy manifested in the Luddite riots, when unemployed workers destroyed labor-saving machines

@RichardAEpstein @HooverInst    . . . the decline of union power is good news, not bad. That conclusion is driven not by some insidious effort to stifle the welfare of workers, but by the simple and profound point that the greatest protection for workers lies in a competitive economy that opens up more doors than it closes. The only way to achieve that result is by slashing the various restrictions that prevent job formation, as Justin Haskins of the Heartland Institute notes in a recent article at The Hill. The central economic insight is that jobs get created only when there is the prospect of gains from trade. Those gains in turn are maximized by cutting the multitude of regulations and taxes that do nothing more than shrink overall wealth by directing social resources to less productive ends.