#91 | Willie Stewart | Director

Feb 02, 04:54 PM
On Episode 91 of the Podcast is Dublin Filmmaker and Musician Willie Stewart. 

Dublin born, Leitrim based film maker Willie Stewart has been active in the DIY/Underground music, art and film scene since 1993. After a number of shorts and music videos he made his first full length creative doc, 'Ludo Is Fantastic' about Antwerp based Avant Garde artist, performer and film maker in 2018. After numerous screenings of Ludo Is Fantastic all over Ireland, USA, UK and mainland Europe he is ready to release his latest film 'Black Birds Slowed Down', a visual response to musicians Natalia Beylis and Tola Custy during a residency at Glor in Ennis, Co Clare, which will be screening early in 2020.

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