Email Marketing Part 2: Why You Need a Email Nurture Sequence

Feb 05, 08:01 AM
Welcome back to part 2 of our chat on email marketing! In part 1 we discussed WHY you need an email list in the first place and which email marketing platforms we like to us. We also discussed what your email should include and some click-worthy subject line ideas.
In today’s episode we dive into two very important topics when it comes to emails – the first part is the boring, but VERY important legal talk around emails - including who you can legally email, and what an opt-in protocol should look like (and opt-outs for that matter)! 
But the majority of our episode we are talking about the fun stuff, the sexy stuff…the stuff that will make you money!
That’s right we are talking email marketing nurture sequences! A nurture sequence is basically a series of automated emails that you send to new subscribers to help them get to know you and build a trusting relationship with them. 
The sequence usually starts when someone signs up for a lead magnet (like a cheat sheet, freebie, etc.) – they receive your first email which is the freebie..and then what?
If you start selling your product or services to them immediately guess what will happen? You’ll scare them off! 
In this episode, we talk about the first 6 emails you should send before you even try selling to your new subscribers. This includes telling your story (sometimes over the course of a few emails), creating cliff hangers, establishing a schedule, tooting your horn with some testimonials, creating engagement with a “reply to this email”, plus more email marketing tips and tricks.
We also chat about micro-conversions and selling your method. What are those you ask? You’ll have to tune in to find out!
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