Tien An Men, Hong Kong insurgency, coronavirus: Communist Party effluents @ThadMcCotter, @GordonGChang, @CRosett

Feb 04, 03:54 AM
Image:  Tian An Men, in a panorama photograph (2009). Public domain.

Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, and Claudia Rosett, Foreign Policy Fellow at the Women’s Independent Forum; in re: The Wuhan coronavirus crisis.   There’s not-good reporting coming from China.  What do Tien An Men in 1989, and the Hong Kong rebellion for the last months, and today’s coronavirus, have in common?  All occurred under the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese people know that the Party is a nightmare. A video has just come out of Wuhan of a young man saying, “We’re not brainwashed! but what can we do?”

Be wary of the notion of Xi being toppled.  Is this China’s Chernobyl (1986)?  That was one of the earthquakes that shook the USSR, but then it was five years before the Soviet Union ceased existing. Most world leaders don't much understand the burden of the Party, and certainly are too eager to get money from it. Both NYT and WaPo published articles saying that Chinese physicians who early on tried to warn people were arrested by—the Party. 

China is atrociously run; it’s unpardonable, inexcusable, at this stage of the world. Now all of us are in danger from the physical manifestation of the virulence with which China threatens civilization.

In the US, we need to have academics and others to quit proselytizing for the Chinese Communist Party. Messages coming out of China in profusion: “Please help us.”