Coronavirus afflicts Hong Kongers. Beijing usurps hospital beds. @Michael_Yon, @ThadMcCotter, @GordonGChang,

Feb 04, 2020, 03:55 AM
Image:  Life-cycle of a typical virus (left to right); following infection of a cell by a single virus, hundreds of offspring are released.

Michael Yon, veteran war correspondent who’s been covering the Hong Kong protests, in re: The protests; the coronavirus. I’ll enter Hong Kong tomorrow, if they let me in past the medical scan; and go to my hotel room, sterilize it, and go right out to interview people on video. Will send that to you as soon as possible.  Everybody increasingly angry that Beijing is allowing a flood of Mainlanders into Hong Kong, where they take up hospital beds urgently needed by locals, and despite Hong Kong’s pleas Beijing refuses to close the border.